revada Music officially began in 1984, but its real beginning was some time before that. When working as an engineer with the world leaders in compressed air technology, Holman Engineering, Leonard Adams, now managing director of Trevada Music, saw the potential and need for a music shop based in Camborne. As a brass band player and conductor, he saw a great deal of trade going out of Cornwall, when the local bands needed to buy new instruments and accessories. Trevada Music was started as a reaction to this, and became a music shop where local bands could buy their instruments and accessories, and somewhere they could take their instruments for maintenance, advice, or repair. Taking voluntary redundancy from Holman’s, Leonard started the business.

The origins of the name of Trevada Music, has led to some speculation, the most popular rumour being started by rival shops, who believed, erroneously, that the owners were a couple called Trevor and Ada. The real origin of the name is a combination of two surnames; Adams, and Trevena, which is Leonard’s wife Karen’s maiden name.

At the start Trevada Music was known as Trevada Band Supplies, and was based in a first floor room in Trelowarren Street, Camborne. Instruments were repaired and sold, in the initial stages by Leonard himself. As time progressed and the word got around that a new music shop was starting out, employees and larger premises were needed, which were found opposite in a ground floor shop.

The 1980s were a period of financial turmoil. According to British industry, times were tough and new businesses were likely to go to the wall. For six years no drawings were made from Trevada Music at all, any money that was made was spent on and in the company. After six years the “boom or bust” 1980s had changed into the 1990s, bringing in a new era of business opportunity.

Over thirty years on, and what started out as a one man operation in a small upstairs room repairing tubas, is now trading as a limited company, employing musicians in its two shops in Camborne and Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire, and undertaking business throughout the world. Trevada Music was started as a response to buying needs of a specific market, namely the Cornish Brass Band movement. It very swiftly changed to become a general music shop, something, which many shops around the country have only recently realised is worthwhile and attractive. A major area for Trevada Music is music in schools. The availability of instruments for children to start playing, and to learn and enjoy the world of music is an issue of great importance.

What the customer gets from Trevada Music.

Trevada Music has always aimed to make the music shop a place for all the family, from the youngest child starting out in the musical world, to the retired person seeking to re-establish his or her musical life. This attitude extends also to the type of musician who might come through the door, catering for the beginner to the seasoned professional. Our customer care remains the same whoever the client.

The most important thing about any shop, but in particular Trevada Music, is the staff. Members of staff are the link between the customer and the product. Trevada Music takes great care in who it employs, as suitability for the job is an essential prerequisite. All members of staff are experienced musicians, whose backgrounds cover many types and styles of music. Another essential for efficient retail is communication. The role of the staff is to provide information to enable the client to make an informed and comfortable decision.

All staff that work at Trevada Music undergo extensive training from our major suppliers to ensure maximum product knowledge, which is then transferred to the customer. In addition to this, we attend all the major music shows and festivals across the globe, such as the NAMM show in Los Angeles, and the Frankfurt Music Fair. This enables the staff to pass on the most up to date information to the customer, as well as keeping abreast of new products and technological developments.

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5 Chapel Street, Camborne, Camborne, England TR14 8EF
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