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Heritage Trail

Walk the streets where history was once made….You will be surprised at what you will discover. You can download the Camborne Town Trail map here.

1.  Camborne Library & Trevithick Memorial Statue

The library was designed by Cornish architect Silvanus Trevail, opened in 1985.  Born in Pool, Richard Trevithick invented the first high-pressure steam engine and was responsible for improving the efficiency of pumping engines with high pressure steam.  The same principles are used in the mining industry today.

2. Masonic Hall

Constructed in 1899 as premises for the Masonic Lodge. P. Colville Smith laid the foundation stone and presented two of the four stained-glass windows.

3. The Parish Vestry & Clink

To the left of the churchyard is the Parish Vestry building. Around the corner is what was the local ‘clink’ or ‘lock-up’. Felons were kept here overnight – it also doubled up as a pen for stray cattle.

4. Church of St Martin & St Meriadoc

The tall cross by the war memorial has many dots on it, said to represent the numbers killed in a battle on Reskajeage Downs. The graveyard has many reminders of the miners who lost their lives both locally and abroad.

5. The Old Market House

Built in 1802, John Francis Basset funded a rebuild in the 1860’s after a storm caused catastrophic damage. It housed the Town Hall, Magistrates Rooms a Public Hall and Assembly Rooms.

6. Tyack’s Hotel

Tyack’s Hotel was built by Philip Vincent in 1780. Originally called the Kings Head, William Tyack purchased the inn in approximately 1900, and the family held the licence for nearly 100 years.

7. Early Site of the School Of Mines

This is the original site of the world-famous Camborne School of Mines. The Josiah Thomas Memorial Wing still exists but the other buildings were demolished in 1974.

8. Trevithick’s Memorial Plaque & site of St Mariasek’s Well

This plaque commemorates the test run of Richard Trevithick’s 1801 ‘Puffing Devil’ engine. St Meriasek’s Well, whose waters were thought to have healing powers.

9. Commercial Square

This features a tiered fountain originally designed for people, horses and dogs! The lamp on top was presented to the town by John Holman in 1890. This was the terminus of Camborne and Redruth Tramway used as a public transport system from 1902-1927.

10. Literary Institute

The Donald Thomas Centre stands on the edge of Commercial Square. It was built in 1842 for the Literary Institute to rehouse its library and museum.

11. Wesley Chapel

Opened in 1828 with seating for 1,320. Look out for the head of an old granite cross in the forecourt, which was originally found at Killivose.

12. Centenary Wesleyan Chapel

Built in 1839 to commemorate the centenary of Charles Wesley’s conversion in 1738. The nearby supermarket was built on the site of the famous Holman No.1 Works and its offices, responsible for much of Camborne’s mining history.


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