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Giant’s Quoit

Giant’s Quoit is a rare example of a Cornish quoit (or dolmen) found outside of the Penwith peninsula – and we’re proud to have it in Camborne.

Nobody knows quite what rites they were used for, but these strange and bold Neolithic structures give us a taste of an ancient, mystic Cornwall. Also known as Carwynnen Quoit, or the Giant’s Frying Pan, this stone structure is about 5,000 years old – and was put up by the early farming folk who used to live in our area – making it one of the oldest field monuments to survive to the present day.

You’ll also see it on the badges for Camborne Rugby Club, and Troon Cricket Club.

The quoit has had to be rebuilt at least twice in its history. The first time was in 1842 when Lady Pendarves gathered local people and estate workers to re-erect the dolmen following its collapse.

It remained standing until 1966 and was then left in its fallen state for another 48 years before the Sustainable Trust restored it to its full glory in June 2014.

The restoration also uncovered stones with crude, early rock art. The ‘shield’ stone and ‘coffin’ stone have a lot in common with other Neolithic and Bronze age finds, so may give us a little more insight into the people who lived in the area we now call Camborne, all those years ago.

To find the quoit, head south out of town on the B3303 (signposted to Praze-an-Beeble), but take a left turn at Killivose and follow the road to Treslothan Church. Your best bet is to park here, then take the fifteen-minute walk along the field and through Stennack woods.

“The tomb beneath the cromlech does not seem to have been excavated, perhaps due to the dangerous state of the capstone, which must weigh at least 10-15 tons. The late Mr. Tripp, a farmhand, discovered a long narrow pit sunk by the cromlech in the early hours of the morning. It was supposed that someone had a dream or vision of buried treasure.”

Johnny Arthur (1860-1940)


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